Jeanne Matthis Biokineticist, Hoedspruit

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About Exercise Classes

All classes are provided by Jeanne, a registered Biokineticist. The classes are kept small to ensure close supervision and personal attention at all times. There is a maximum of 6 people per class.

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CORE CLASSES- beginner/intermediate

The Core Classes have been designed by a Biokineticist to help you reach your exercise goals in a safe but challenging way. The class includes a variety of exercises and equipment balls that target your core, abdominals and muscles of the pelvis but doesn't neglect posture, general toning and flexibility.

Technique is a very important part of this exercise class. If you're not doing the exercise correctly, Jeanne will guide you through proper technique to make sure you are using the correct muscles and maintaining good alignment at all times.

The class is fun and social with lots of laughs along the way and is structured so that people of different ability can exercise together.

To book a trial class contact Jeanne.

Pregnancy and New Moms Classs

EXERCISE FOR PREGNANT MOMS- Firstly congratulations! Most pregnant moms know about the benefits of exercise while being pregnant but it can be difficult to decide what type of exercises you should be doing that will be beneficial and safe for you and your baby.

Biokineticist are exercise specialists that are trained to use exercise as therapy for different populations. This gentle class is designed to help you exercise during your pregnancy, focusing on the muscles that help support your body through your pregnancy.

This class is only recommended for moms who are at least 12 weeks pregnant, who are healthy and have no pregnancy related complications.

EXERCISE FOR NEW MOMS- If you've just had a baby, chances are your body is not quite the same as it was before your were pregnant. Nursing and carrying a baby can take it's toll on your body and you may find you are struggling with lower or upper back pain, pubic pain or hip pain amongst other things. Even if you just want to tone up and get stronger after your pregnancy, this class is designed by a Biokineticist to focus safely on your core and pelvis and gently strengthen your body again.

The class is also a chance to socialise with other pregnant or new moms. Moms with nannies are welcome to bring their babies and they can either be in the class with us or be outside in the beautiful gardens of Norscot Manor.

To book a trial class contact Jeanne.

Back Care Classes

This class has been designed by a Biokineticist for those who have a history of back pain. The exercise focus on core, the muscles of the spine and flexibility. The exercises are gentle and specific to back conditions. The class structure means that people of different ability can exercise safely together.

Some of the people in the class have been through back rehab with Jeanne and now attend this class as part of the back care maintenance. If you have not seen Jeanne before, she will ask you to attend an assessment before enrolling to make sure you are elligble for the class and will be able to participate safely.

To book a trial class contact Jeanne.